Eastern and Therapeutic Massage

Multi-Session Discounts 

I offer a significant discount to people who know the value of massage and are committed to feeling better. I will do a complete assessment, including posture, range of motion, lifestyle, and body mechanics. We will discuss ALL of your chronic pain issues and your Wellness goals to create a multi-session therapy plan which WILL produce long term results, including eliminating pain, increased ranges of motion, and a more positive personal vibe. Give me a call and we can get started on creating a personal therapy plan. Together we will create a multi-session therapy plan that will address your body's needs and help you FEEL GREAT.

Therapy Plan Packages ~                                                                                                           

5 prepaid sessions plus one FREE session*
10 prepaid sessions plus three FREE sessions*

*must be paid in full at time of purchase to receive discount. 

*therapy plans are non-refundable but may be transferable.